Is Direct Marketing the Right Career Move for You?


We all know at least one woman who is crushing it with her direct marketing company – we see that she is confident, passionate and making money. We get invited to party after party and then we start to consider buying into one. We start to imagine what we will do with all of the extra money and convince ourselves that we can create an amazing business part time or during nap time. Today’s Mamma Minute will go over the most important question you need to be asking yourself before joining and selling products as part of a direct marketing team.

Brenda’s new book, What’s Your Lane?  Career clarity for moms who want to work a little, a lot or not at all is now available for moms in career-question mode. Brenda Abdilla is the founder of Management Momentum LLC and a PCC level Professional Certified Coach, a distinction shared by less than 35% of all coaches worldwide. Through coaching, workshops, programs and assessments, Brenda helps men and women all over the world confidently choose the path that’s right for them. As a wife, mother and business owner, Brenda understands the temptation to dutifully don the superwoman cape and try to be all things to all people. Her message to women is this: Relax. Take a closer look. You’re too hard on yourself. Question everything you’re supposed to do, choose your lane, roll down the windows and enjoy the ride. You can sign up for her Momma Minute newsletter at to get savvy tips for today's mom.

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